We are the reference point for Safety of Machinery

We solve problems through

since 1995 we have been dealing only with machinery

Over the past 27 years we have learned how to analyze machinery, compliance with the requirements of applicable regulations, to help small and big companies to ensure the safety of machinery .

We work alongside designers and Prevention and Protection Service Managers for the CE marking of new machinery and to ensure the safety of used machines. We can assist our customers with audit and inspection of machinery during the machinery buying process. With tests, calculations and verifications, we ensure the compliance of the machines with European and extra-European standards, directives and regulations ( UL, NR12). Since 2017 we have been testing the interconnected machines according to INDUSTRY 4.0 and TRANSITION 4.0  italian tax incentives programs, to ensure the fiscal benefits for innovative investments.

Our story began with Eng. Ernesto Cappelletti, now Federmacchine Representative in UNI (Italian Regulatory Institute) for mechanical regulatory aspects. Our strength is the on field experience, thanks to which we are able to face even the most difficult technical challenges.

Since 2000 we have been training participants in UNI courses, and since 2015 we have been an Accredited Training Body by the Lombardy Region (Operator no. 822) and by Fondimpresa.

We believe that experience and expertise are required to operate in the field of machinery safety. This is why we invest in the study of standards, in the development and standardization of methods. We do not deal with the CE marking of other products, such as toys or medical devices, we do only ONE THING and well .

We consider our team to be fundamental, in fact we have been working exclusively with employees since the foundation. If you want to know more about our history keep reading here .

the most complete training offer on the Machinery Directive

In 2020 and 2021 we provided 900 days of classroom or coaching technical training; we have organized courses for around 6,000 people and hosted 1,500 companies at our seminars, webinars and industry conferences.

The training activities are aimed at machinery and plant designers, maintenance technicians, users, Prevention and Protection Service Managers, company safety officers and consultants.

This passion has allowed us to transmit our knowledge to over 23,000 students in just a few years.

The Quadra course catalog is the most complete available in Italy and represents the state of the art of technical training on machinery safety.

We periodically organize courses, even remotely, webinars and free events.

Discover our classroom and remote course calendar .

Sign up for one of our FREE technical webinars .

we are mainly Consultants not Teachers

We started helping customers working on machinery in the workshop and we still work this way: we are not suit and tie consultants.

Our teachers have at least 2 years of experience in consulting activities and not all our technicians become teachers, because not all people are suitable to transmit knowledge.

This means that when our teacher explains how a safety function must be verified, she/he transfers a method that she/he applies every day.

For this reason we can best train you by working on your application with coaching or training on the job.

we are consultants who do and not only who advise

Some consultants think that their job consists only in advising the client, we instead think that the consultant must also do, thus carry out checks, tests and calculations, write documents, take positions and write opinions, even on controversial issues.

We are consultants who want to stand by the customer and take responsibility.

we provide you with free articles and updates

In our BLOG , and YOUTUBE channel, there are many documents, educational videos, free technical opinions, parts of courses and articles extracted from our books published for IL SOLE 24 ORE.

In the NEWS section of the site you will also find all the regulatory news of the sector, almost in real time, because we are part of many UNI, EN, ISO, CEI technical committees and Federmacchine working groups with INAIL and ATS Lombarde.

It is all valuable technical content, not commercial, because we believe that machinery safety is a very serious matter.

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