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2014/34 / EU is the product directive that concerns equipment that is intended to work in potentially explosive atmospheres.

For these equipments there is a classification based on various factors.

In fact, explosive atmospheres can be generated both by flammable gases, vapors and mists and by combustible dusts.

Having such devices intended for use in explosive atmosphere, they must be designed and manufactured in such a way to not present ignition sources that are capable of igniting such atmospheres.

If you have an ATEX problem, we can assist you with the CE marking of equipment intended to work in explosive atmospheres according to the ATEX directive 2014/34 / EU.

Our services are:

  • identification of potential ignition sources proposed by the UNI EN 1127-1 standard present on the device;
  • verification of the effectiveness of the ignition sources present on the machinery according to the type of marking required;
  • proposal of solutions for the elimination of ignition sources effective for the ignition of explosive atmospheres;
  • drafting of the technical documentation necessary for the CE marking of the equipment according to Directive 2014/34 / EU;
  • preparation of instructions for the use of the equipment in explosive atmospheres.

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