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We very often receive various questions and queries on the safety of machinery about specific rules applicable to machines, on accidents or disputes and also on the interconnection or eligibility for INDUSTRY / TRANSITION 4.0 tax credit for innovative machinery.

For example, last week an email arrived with this question:

Good morning,
we are a company in the province of Turin that carries out maintenance on filtration systems.
We would need to have some information about the CE marking of a filter press at our company. customer
The filter press and its electrical panel are currently already CE marked, the customer has decided to replace the old PLC lo with a more recent one.
For this reason, is a new CE marking necessary or can the existing one be considered valid?
Can this replacement of the PLC be considered as a repair of the panel?

Answers of this type require a technical analysis of the situation, an exchange of information with the customer and therefore a consultancy activity that can also be resolved with a video call and the drafting of a short technical opinion to support the analysis carried out with the customer.

The intent is to provide a service that allows the customer to OCCASIONALLY have a practical and easy-to-use service in terms of safety of machinery.

How does the "Remote technical advice" service work?

It is possible for the customer to join it even just once to get the answer to a question.

The customer can purchase a service including the video call with our expert and subsequently the drafting of the memory or opinion of what has been discussed.

What is the cost of the "Remote technical advice" service?

The cost is € 150.00 plus VAT 22% for a video call up to 1 hour.

The cost for each additional hour of advise is euro 150.00 plus 22% VAT , with minimum billing of 30 minutes, for consultations carried out by the Ing. Ernesto Cappelletti , or the cost for each additional hour of consultancy is 120.00 euros plus 22% VAT , with minimum billing of 30 minutes, for consultations carried out by the other technicians employed by Quadra Srl.

In the case of requests for a prepaid set of hours to climb, I invite you to contact us at for discounts.

The remote technical consultancy service does not include interventions and inspections at the customer's premises.

All information provided with this service will be treated as confidential and confidential information.

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