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Quadra Srl provides advice on UL standards for the export of machines to North America, an export that is governed by completely different rules from those in force in the European Union.

In the European Union, product directives require the manufacturer of a machine to declare compliance with the applicable requirements and certify it by affixing the CE marking.

In North America machines are verified by Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) and manufacturers can submit products to NRTL certification such as UL or CSA or MET.

Quadra is able to support manufacturers of electrical machines and / or equipment intended for the North American market, through services such as:

  • research of the rules applicable to products intended for export to the United States and Canada (UL, NFPA , CSA, etc.);
  • verification of compliance with the applicable legislative provisions (for example the Code of Federal Regulations CFR);
  • checking compliance with relevant regulations (eg OSHA part 1910 “Occupational Safety and Health Standards” or NEC “National Electrical Code”);
  • analysis of the machines against the reference technical standards (for example ANSI B11.19);
  • examination of electrical equipment to ensure compliance with the documents that regulate its manufacture (for example NFPA 79, UL 508A);
  • analysis of the different certification opportunities (single unit, specific model, series of products) in order to identify the most appropriate and convenient one.

Quadra is able to provide assistance in relations with certification bodies, such as UL, supporting the customer in the context of inspections, tests and audits by third parties.

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