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Ernesto Cappelletti

I am an electronic engineer, co-founder and technical director of Quadra, a company that deals with consultancy for the support of designers and users of machinery since 1995. In this role I have assisted over 500 customers for safety of machinery.

Since 2016 I have been the Representative of Federmacchine in UNI (Italian Regulatory Institute)  in relation to mechanical regulatory aspects.

Since 2019 I have been enrolled in the lists of Innovation Managers of the Italian Ministry of Economic Development.

I have been TÜV PS Italia inspector for machines in Annex IV of the Machinery Directive for eight years, with a curriculum approved by the Ministry of Economic Development; I have been TÜV Nord safety machinery lead auditor from 2014 to 2019.

I have been a member of the European technical committee CEN TC 145 regarding standars for machines for rubber and plastics.

I participate in the UNI (Italian Regulatory Institute) and ISO regulatory activities :

  • UNI / CT 042 / SC 01 / GL 01, “safety” technical committee, “machines” sub-commission, “machinery safety” working group;
  • technical committee ISO / TC 199 "Safety of machinery", working groups ISO / TC 199 / WG 3 "Safety of integrated manufacturing systems", ISO / TC 199 / WG 7 "Interlocking devices", ISO / TC 199 / WG 8 " Safe control system ”, ISO / TC 199 / WG 11“ Permanent means of access to machinery ”.

I also participate in the CEI regulatory activity:

  • technical committee CT 44 “Electrical equipment of industrial machines”;
  • technical committee CT 121 "Equipment and switchboards protected for low voltage", subcommittee SC121B "Switchboards protected for low voltage".

I am a technical consultant for the Treviso Public Prosecutor's Office and ASL n. 3 Alto Friuli and teacher in machinery safety courses at UNI , ACIMAC, UCIMA, ASSOCOMAPLAST, ACIMIT, APA Confartigianato, Confindustria Modena, Reggio Emilia, Bergamo, Varese, Lecco and Sondrio, Florence, South Tuscany .

I wrote, for Il Sole 24 Ore, the basic text on the Machinery Directive and, again for Il Sole 24 Ore, the only existing book in Italy on the application of the UNI EN ISO 13849-1 standard .

In 2021 I wrote the book "How to apply the machinery directive 2006/42 / EC and the reference standards".

For Il Sole 24 Ore, I also answer the questions on the safety of machines posed by the readers of Tecnici24.

Every technical skill acquired has always served to increase Quadra's know-how and the team of resources that we have selected, trained over the years and that work with me every day to guarantee the best possible service to our customers.

Ernesto Cappelletti - Quadra srl

Elena Bottura

I studied nuclear physics at the University of Padua, but - immediately after graduation - I abandoned physics for marketing .

In fact, my first work experience was at ST Microelectronics, as a marketing manager for programmable logic devices, then account manager for CANON and HP. In ST Microelectronics I met my husband, Ernesto Cappelletti for the first time.

In 1995, with Ernesto Cappelletti, I founded Quadra Srl and in 1996 I resigned from ST and started my entrepreneurial career.

Before being a partner, Ernesto is also the father of my two daughters, Chiara, a Mechanical Engineer, and Elisa, a Management Engineer, both graduates at Politecnico di Milano university.

Initially I took care of the commercial and administrative part, then, a year later, with the first two collaborators, I also started to follow the organizational part.

Over time I have also grown from a technical point of view, making myself independent in the first phase of analyzing the customer's needs.

During the publication period of the Machinery Directive, the first contacts with machine manufacturers arrived at the fair; then with Apa Confartigianato, who asked us to have support for the associates on these particular issues that were almost unknown at the time.

Therefore, I have always managed the entire commercial and contractual part.
Over the years I have decided the marketing strategy, selecting the services on which to focus and trying to win more and more important customers, supported by the belief that one grows by challenging him or herself in newer and more complex problems.

We have always thought that it was more important, and more satisfying for us, to solve a complicated problem of a customer, and to acquire Know How, than to increase the turnover with simple and repetitive works.
Despite, or perhaps precisely because of this, turnover has always grown, as has the number of customers and their needs.

I planned and managed the investments in the various company offices and this, together with the commitment to obtain regional accreditations, helped us a lot in the growth of our turnover.
I am in charge of the Training Center and also of the Research Center and I have the qualification of Prevention and Protection Service Manager for the Ateco 4,6,9 .

Since 2019 I have been registered in the lists of Innovation Managers of the Ministry of Economic Development.

In addition to this, I take care of all Quadra promotional activities: free technical seminars, trade fairs, social media activities and promos.

Elena Bottura Quadra Srl
Infografica 2022

Our team

Our technical team is made up of 17 graduated and highly qualified technicians with an average age that does not exceed 35 years. The specific skills and experience of each consultant form the strength of a team that works by exploiting synergies, which allows us to identify valid and effective solutions for customers.

Our technical team includes engineers

  • mechanical
  • safety
  • chemists
  • electronic
  • aerospace
  • biomedical
  • environmental
  • computer scientists
  • automation
  • materials

All our technicians are internal employees, this allows us to have uniform and shared methodologies, a continuous exchange of information and constant and reciprocal updating.

In addition to internal and / or external training, the qualification of the new staff includes coaching with senior consultants for at least 12 months.

Within the technical management, 4 reference technical figures have been identified for the following main issues:

  • Legal aspects of the CE marking, electrical safety
  • Safety functions, risk assessment
  • Combustion systems (ovens), Software with safety functions, pneumatic and hydraulic equipment, Atex
  • UL, CSA, NFPA, ANSI, AS standards.

Once the specifics of the service have been established, the representatives of the issues are responsible for verifying the uniformity of delivery of the related services, also through random checks on the work carried out by the various consultants.

The qualified personnel for machinery safety training has at least 5 years of experience in the sector and all trainers also carry out consultancy activities, in order to guarantee continuous updating in the field.

Other 6 people are in charge for sales and administration activities of the company, they are:

Elena Camporiondo: administration manager

Giulia Brambati:  technical department assistant

Elena Bottura: marketing and sales manager

Roberto Gambogi: sales engineer

Alessandro Cavallotti: sales engineer

Gabriele Villa: planning manager

We maintain a constructive and peaceful working environment.

Ing. Stefano Riva
Ing. Stefano Riva
Ing. Andrea Villa
Ing. Andrea Villa
Ing. Gabriele Villa
Ing. Gabriele Villa
Roberto Gambogi - sales
Roberto Gambogi - sales
Ing. Chiara Ginelli
Ing. Chiara Ginelli
Ing. Elisa Cappelletti
Ing. Elisa Cappelletti
Ing. Chiara Cappelletti
Ing. Chiara Cappelletti
Alessandro 1
Ing. Andrea Comi
Ing. Andrea Comi
Ing. Fabio Porru
Ing. Fabio Porru
Ing. Federico Parisi
Ing. Federico Parisi
Ing. Federica Latronico
Ing. Federica Latronico
Giulia Brambati
Giulia Brambati
Elena Camporiondo
Elena Camporiondo
Dott. Andrea Travella
Dott. Andrea Travella
Ing. Marco Mondovì
Ing. Marco Mondovì
Dott. Giorgio Fustella
Dott. Giorgio Fustella


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