CE marking of machinery - Machinery Directive

Do you design and / or build industrial machines?

Are you a machinery user and have you put together several machines and need to CE mark the assembly line?

If you design machinery, you will already know that before putting them on the market they must be CE marked.

What does the CE marking of machines mean?

The CE marking certifies the conformity of machinery to the applicable Community directives.

The CE marking is physically affixed to the machinery as a label, but it is the final step in a process that aims to guarantee the safety of the machine.

In fact, like many other products, the machines must also comply with the laws in force in the countries in which they are marketed and put into service.

An EC declaration of conformity issued by the manufacturer is finally drawn up for the machine, designed and built in compliance with the applicable directives; the declaration will remain valid for the entire life of the machine itself and will accompany it in future commercial transitions.

If you need to mark CE a machine, or a set of machines, and you are looking for specialist advice, you have come to the right place!

Quadra Srl is a company specialized in technical consultancy to guarantee the safety of your machines and has been doing this task for 27 years


Our technicians can help you with the CE marking of the machinery you produce or use, even in case of substantial changes.

First of all, it will be necessary to identify which directives are applicable and then decide on the most correct and simplest path to comply with them.

Since 1995 we have been providing consultancy for the machinery directive 2006/42 / EC, for example for the assessment of risks, the calculation of PLs, the creation of instruction manuals.

We can help you with activities such as:

  • identification of the regulatory requirements applicable to your type of machines;
  • the analysis of the machine with respect to the requirements of the machinery directive and of the electrical equipment with respect to the requirements of the standard EN 60204-1: 2018;
  • analysis of pneumatic and hydraulic equipment ;
  • risk assessment ;
  • the drafting, or verification, of the machine instruction manual ;
  • instrumental tests (noise, vibrations, optical radiation, electromagnetic fields, electrical safety according to CEI EN 60204-1, measurement of stopping times, electromagnetic compatibility);
  • analysis and verification of control circuits with safety functions (PL & SIL);
  • the validation of the control circuits having safety functions according to the UNI EN ISO 13849-1: 2016 and UNI EN ISO 13849-2: 2013 standards;
  • the validation of software related to safety according to the UNI EN ISO 13849-1: 2016 and UNI EN ISO 13849-2: 2013 standards;
  • the CE marking of assembly line with the issue of the Declaration of Conformity by Quadra Srl as manufacturer.

The services listed above are also applicable to modifications of machines and lines or to the inclusion of partly completed machines in existing assembly production lines.




  • Because we have been operating for 25 years in the field of industrial automation alongside the major international manufacturers of machinery and components for safety.

  • The appointment in 2016 of our technical director, Ing. Ernesto Cappelletti , as Federmacchine Representative in the UNI area, allows us to participate in working groups, for example for the drafting of Federmacchine and INAIL guidelines.

  • The partnership with many manufacturers of automation components ( Omron, Datalogic, SMC, Lovato Electrics, Reer, Schmersal, Leuze, Rockwell, Allen Bradley, ABB, Kuka, Universal Robots, Tritecnica ) allows us to be continuously updated also on the best practical solutions for safety of machinery.

  • Because with our technical manuals published by IL SOLE 24 ORE, and our courses in UNI, Confindustria and Federmacchine associations, we have trained more than 20,000 Italian technicians and consultants on machine safety.

  • Because UNI - National Standardization Body for 10 years has entrusted us with the design and delivery of all courses on the Machinery Directive.

  • Because ATS Monza e Brianza (Safety Public Authority) has chosen us for the training of the inspectors who carry out checks on the machines.

  • Since the foundation of the company, all activities have been carried out exclusively by appropriately trained and qualified employees, with proprietary, validated and constantly updated methods.

  • We participate in working groups on international standards, which allows us to know in advance the new regulations and the courses are continuously updated with all the technical and regulatory news.

  • Since 1995 , we have guaranteed complete availability of documents, data, photographs of machines and systems on which we have operated.

  • Since 1995 , we have been responding, free of charge, in the event of complaints from customers and the Supervisory Authority, when we prove a lack or error.

  • Eng. Ernesto Cappelletti is also registered in the MISE official list of accredited Innovation Managers .

  • Quadra is a Research and Technology Transfer Center , registered in the Questio System of the Lombardy Region.

  • Quadra is registered on the OPEN INNOVATION platform of the Lombardy Region, dedicated to those who make innovation, and participates in the Innovation HUB of Confindustria Bergamo.



Who is Quadra srl

In Quadra we have been dealing, since 1995, with providing advice and training on machinery safety .

We guarantee the compliance of the machines with European and international Standards, Directives and Regulations ( Machinery Directive, Atex, PED , etc.), in particular for the United States, Canada, Brazil, Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

We help technicians who have to carry out the CE marking on industrial machines of their own design and production or the machines they use and have been subject to modifications, or additions in line, such as to require a new CE marking.

Since 2017 we have also been involved in assisting customers with the consultancy for TRANSITION / INDUSTRY 4.0 .

We are based in Cornate d'Adda in the province of Monza.

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The people of Quadra srl

Elena Bottura Quadra Srl

Elena Bottura

I studied nuclear physics at the University of Padua, but immediately after graduation, I abandoned physics for marketing. In 1995, I founded Quadra Srl with Ernesto Cappelletti. Ernesto, before being a partner, is also my husband and father of my two daughters, Chiara, who is a Mechanical Engineer, and works in the family business, and Elisa, enrolled in Management Engineering at the Milan Polytechnic.
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Ernesto Cappelletti - Quadra srl

Ernesto Cappelletti

I am an electronic engineer, co-founder and technical director of Quadra, a company that deals with consultancy for the support of designers and users of industrial machines and plants since 1996. In this role I have assisted more than 500 customers for machine safety and I am responsible for Federmacchine in UNI. I personally take care of the appraisals for Industry 4.0.
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Our Team

Quadra srl Uffici

Our technical team is made up of 18 graduated and highly qualified technicians with an average age that does not exceed forty years; we work exclusively with employees. The specific skills and experiences of each consultant constitute the strength of a team that works with synergy and effectiveness and allows us to face problems and identify valid and effective solutions.

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