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At Quadra we have been dealing with machinery safety training since 2000

Our numbersThe training activities are mainly aimed at machinery designers, maintenance technicians, users, safety managers and company safety officers, consultants and freelancers.

The courses are delivered at our headquarters, at the customers' sites, at the UNI, ACIMAC, UCIMA, Confindustria Bergamo, Confindustria Academy Lecco and Sondrio, APA Confartigianato Monza and Brianza offices, occasionally at other consulting and training companies.

Who is UNI who has confirmed their trust in us for over 10 years for the preparation and delivery of all courses on the Machinery Directive?

UNI is the National Standardization Body, pursuant to
of the Legislative Decree 15 December 2017, n. 223, implementing Regulation (EU) no. 1025/2012 and Directive (EU) 2015/1535, and represents Italy in the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) and in the International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

We recently designed a training course for the Machinery Safety Specialist for UNI.

In fact UNITRAIN and Quadra Srl propose, starting from 2021, a new training course, aimed at preparing the Machinery Safety Specialist (basic level) and the Machinery Safety Specialist (advanced level).

A proposal addressed to Designers, Consultants and Technicians of the sector, the result of years of experience gained in the field and of a clear and shared vision of the future of the latter. A structured path, which is divided into two complementary levels, respectively related to 28 h and 20 h

The Quadra machinery safety course catalog includes 23 courses dedicated to the safety of industrial machines, courses ranging from methodologies for machine analysis and risk assessment, to conformity analysis of the electrical, pneumatic, safety software and other.

All courses can be customized and integrated, with examples and exercises, on specific customer needs.

The trainers of Quadra Srl are, before being teachers, technicians who analyze the machines in the field with many years of experience.

They are therefore able to investigate detailed technical problems with the customer, which include the choice of safety components, also thanks to partnerships with the main component manufacturers in the sector.

Examples of some of the courses are available on our YouTube channel.

Finally Quadra Srl is an Accredited Operator for Education and Professional Training Services registered under no. 822 of the Lombardy Region Register, section B, Operator ID 889497.

Regional accreditation means that some of our courses are valid for the mandatory updating for RSPP and that all courses can be fully funded by public funds such as the ESF .


FSE Regione Lombardia

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