Type B standards, concerning safety devices, are fundamental for the design of any machinery and it is essential for manufacturers to know their content.

Numerous basic standards to ensure that machinery meet the applicable health and safety requirements are currently under review and the new editions will bring important innovations; among these norms certainly occupy a relevant position the norm ISO 13849-1 for the design of safety-related control circuits, the standard ISO 13855 for the choice and positioning of protective devices and the standard ISO 14119 for movable guards.

Also begun the working activities on the future publication of the new ISO 12895 standard which will address the risks associated with access with the whole body within protected areas and the protection measures to be adopted in such cases, a topic that has not yet been addressed in a way organic in the field of international standardization.

Quadra's new 2022 webinar with Lovato Electric SpA will provide an overview of these regulatory documents under development, highlighting in particular the innovations that will be introduced in future editions.


WEBINAR “Machinery Directive: new regulations 2021-2022” with Lovato Electric

April 6, 2022 - 3.00 pm

  • The draft standard ISO / DIS 13849-1.2: 2021 on safety-related control circuits.
  • The innovations introduced by the new draft standard ISO / DIS 14119: 2021.
  • The choice and positioning of the protective devices according to the new draft standard ISO / CD 13855: 2021.
  • The new draft standard ISO / NWIP 12895: 2021 "Safety of machinery - Identification of whole body access and prevention of derived risks" on access with the whole body inside the dangerous areas of machines.
16:00 Space for questions and answers
4:15 pm Conclusion

Speakers and moderators:

Ernesto Cappelletti - Quadra Srl

Pietro Mascadri - Lovato Electric SpA

The seminars and webinars on machine safety are organized completely free of charge, for commercial and promotional purposes, for designers, technical office workers, maintenance technicians, RSPPs of production companies.

ASL, ATS, INAIL officials and public bodies and authorities with similar purposes are welcome.

Consultants and freelancers, who work in the field of machinery safety, can instead enroll in our paid courses .

Participants will be provided with a Certificate of Participation.

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