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Quadra is able to support customers in defining the procedure to be followed and in the certification process in order to obtain the attestation of conformity / EAC mark necessary for export to Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and, in the future, towards the other countries that will join the Customs Union.

The new EurAsEC technical regulations, known as TR / TC regulations, were developed with the aim of establishing the mandatory minimum requirements to be applied to goods produced or imported into the territory of the customs union of Russia, Belarus Kazakhstan and Armenia.

They define the minimum requirements necessary for the design, construction, marketing, transport, installation, use and disposal of numerous products (including machines and equipment) with reference to the safety of life and health of citizens, the environment, animals and prevention of misleading actions towards consumers.

The guarantee of conformity of the products with the Technical Regulations must be guaranteed in the form of:

  • EAC certificate of conformity, issued by an accredited certification body located within one of the countries of the customs union, if necessary also through tests, laboratory tests carried out by specialized centers and inspections at the production site;
  • EAC declaration of conformity, supported by own tests and / or documentation, but always issued by a certification body and / or an accredited EurAsEC test laboratory.

There are different certification schemes in relation to the type and quantity of products to be exported (dangerous or insensitive products, production of units / batches or in series, etc.) and the determination of the type of product is carried out on the basis of the customs code of reference. In all cases, an applicant must be identified, identified in a legal entity resident in one of the countries of the customs union, who is configured as an importer or an authorized person (Applicant).

The new product conformity certificates issued by a certification body accredited by a country of the Union are valid throughout the territory of the Customs Union and accepted by all the authorities of the Member States and, where the new TR / TC regulations intervene, they replace the old “GOST Standard” certifications.

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