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The company

At Quadra, we have been providing machinery safety consulting and training since 1995.

We guarantee the compliance of the machinery with European and international Standards, Directives and Regulations (Machinery Directive, Atex, PED, etc.), in particular for the United States, Brazil, Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.
We provide our services exclusively with internal employees, since the foundation.

The appointment in 2016 of our Technical Manager, Ing. Ernesto Cappelletti, as Federmacchine Representative in the UNI field, in relation to the mechanical regulatory aspects, allows us to follow the international standardization works from their beginning.

Since the technical updating of our customers is very important to us, we are also concerned with guaranteeing specialized technical training services for their staff.

Quadra's catalog of courses on safety of machinery is the most complete available in Italy, and we also deliver courses to the foreign parent companies of some customers.

Our courses on CE marking of machinery represent the state of the art in the technical training market. In fact UNI (Italian Standardization Body) has commissioned us, since 2009, to take care of the design and delivery of all the courses in the UNI catalog on safety of machinery.


To help our customers solve the problem of finding the necessary funds for staff upgrading and training, and to ensure the professionalism of our training, we have chosen to be accredited as Trainers enrolled in the Lombardy Region Register (Operator No. 822), accreditation that involves continuous verification by regional inspectors, not only of the quality system according to UNI EN ISO 9001, but also of the work and structure .

As a Research and Technology Transfer Center, registered in the Questio System of the Lombardy Region , Quadra's invoices can be booked for tax purposes as research and development costs to the benefit of our clients.

Since 2016, we have joined the National Intelligent Factory Technology Cluster (CFI) which aims to make the National Industry 4.0 Plan of the Ministry of Economic Development operational, through the presentation of the most advanced 4.0 technologies and their possible applications.

Since 2016 Quadra has been registered on the OPEN INNOVATION platform of the Lombardy Region.

After having worked for more than 10 years as inspectors for the Machinery Directive for TÜV SUD, since 2014 we have been inspectors of TÜV NORD Italia Srl, an Accredited Body to which we provide inspection and periodic verification services of customers' safety devices .

Over the years we have also specialized in specific applications; for example we are the most experienced Italian consultancy company in industrial furnaces and a group of Quadra consultants follows the applications in the field of robotics for the world leaders in the sector.

But we have not forgotten the partners of when we were at the beginning and who helped us to grow in skills and organization, in fact we have always been partners of APA CONFARTIGIANATO MONZA E BRIANZA for all the needs of the members relating to the safety of machinery.
By working only with employees, internally trained at Quadra, and not with external professionals, we guarantee uniformity in the provision of services between different consultants and the traceability of all documentation drawn up since the company was founded.

The company has the form of an Srl with Sole Director and has a fully paid-up share capital of EU 100,000.00.

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Our numbers

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Our mission

The Partner for Consulting and Training on the Safety of Machinery

Our mission is to provide a standard of service, in terms of technical skills, capacity for innovation and reliability over time, such as to be considered by our customers and by the market, as a reference company in the sector of consultancy and training on safety of machinery and plants.

For our customers it means:

  • be sure about the correct interpretation of the standards,
  • rely on the availability of documents and data processed for customers since the company's foundation (1995)
  • have the most complete training available on the market regarding automation safety, which can also be financed through Quadra's regional accreditations.

To do this, Quadra, from its foundation until today, has continuously deepened and improved its technical preparation, thanks to the constant dialogue with customers and to the quality of its employees, who possess qualified and complementary educational and professional experiences.

Our history, in safety of machinery consulting, begins 25 years ago with small and medium-sized enterprises.

Then many multinationals came along bringing us complex requirements and problems. That was the moment when we made the leap in quality, reaching and maintaining technical levels of excellence.

Our choices were:

  • Specialization on the services offered: we  provide advice and training only on machine safety
  • The focus on the type of customer: we provide support to companies, manufacturers or users of machines, for which technical excellence is a fundamental requirement of the supplier
  • The technical advantage: we want to be the Italian company of reference as regards the proposal of technical updates and methodologies, both from the point of view of content and time, and we have always worked for this by participating in national and international regulatory groups (ISO, UNI) and working groups Italian with the control bodies (ATS, INAIL)
  • Sharing of knowledge, internally and with the customer. We have always worked with employees internally trained  through the classroom and coaching

To which customers we address?

  • We address a type of demanding clientele, sometimes returning from unsatisfactory experiences with generalist security consultants.
  • We target machine manufacturers for whom the safety of their products is a fundamental requirement in which to invest in order to build a competitive advantage over their competitors.
  • We address users for whom worker safety is a priority and not just a legal requirement to avoid potential administrative and criminal penalties.
  • We address to who wants to be sure that the design choices made on the machines are the best possible in terms of effectiveness and efficiency, at that time and in that context (NO to the use of safety components overestimated compared to those really needed due to, either the lack of competence of the generalist consultant, or a conflict of interest of the chosen consultant who maybe, at the same time, is also the supplier of such components).
  • We address ourselves to clients who are looking for a partner capable of proposing innovative technical solutions, who can motivate them with original analyses and technical opinions. We are not satisfied to follow easy and consolidated paths, even when we find ourselves managing problems of disputes, accidents and legal cases.
  • Finally, we address organizations that need to manage complex projects that require many external resources, projects that freelancers or small consulting firms would not be able to manage, if not in very long time, not compatible with market needs.

The code of ethics

As foreseen by the Legislative Decree n. 231 of June 8, 2001, Quadra adopted an Organization, Management and Control Model and appointed a control and supervisory body with the task of supervising the functioning, effectiveness and observance of the Model itself.

Although it is not mandatory to adopt a model or appoint a supervisory body, Quadra believes that this choice can be an example of seriousness towards its partners and clients, demonstrating Quadra's desire to operate according to the principles of honesty and transparency that have always distinguished it.

Quadra has also adopted a Code of Ethics that reflects its core and professional values.
The Code of Ethics describes the ethical values, principles and rules on which the company intends to base its growth and development and, at the same time, create relationships with clients, employees and business partners.
The Code is binding for the company's directors, employees, and all those who work for Quadra (contractors, consultants, suppliers, business partners).
Quadra ensures the internal and external distribution of the documents that constitute the Model, with particular attention to the Code of Ethics. Quadra promotes and plans training initiatives on the principles contained therein.



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