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Our customers, typically designers / integrators of machinery or Heads of the Prevention and Protection Officers, are often faced with doubts about the machinery safety regulations.

These doubts, if not resolved quickly, can lead to serious technical problems on the machines, also in terms of liability for defective products, customer complaints, choice of wrong safety components or even accidents and injuries in the use of the machine.

These doubts about machinery safety regulations can almost always be resolved quickly with a phone call, an email and a quick discussion with one of our specialists in these matters.

To solve this problem, many of our customers have stipulated a specific annual assistance contract with Quadra Srl which includes:

  • regulatory assistance at our offices for questions
  • one or more days of technical training valid as a periodic update on the new regulations regarding the safety of machinery
  • assistance at the customer's premises, as needed, for machine analysis, drafting of technical documents, meetings with end customers during machinery safety audits and more

Other customers, on the other hand, do not know how to ask for occasional advice on machinery safety regulations and are held in doubt.

To these customers in particular we have decided to offer the opportunity to enjoy one year of UNLIMITED machinery safety regulatory assistance at a cost of Euro 900.00 plus VAT (special price Euro 800.00 plus IVA for subscriptions by 31 January 2022) .

Unlimited means an unlimited number of short inquiries, and replies, by telephone or email. In fact, it is a service created to manage quick requests on various technical issues.

The UNLIMITED remote consultancy service (telephone assistance) allows you to directly contact the technical consultants of Quadra Srl for:

  • answers to technical questions
  • identification of laws, standards and requirements applicable to particular types of machines
  • insights into the application of regulatory requirements to specific cases
  • answers to questions of a regulatory or legal nature.

The topics are all those concerning the safety of machines in use and safety and hygiene at work:

  • Machinery Directive, new Machinery Regulation
  • Atex Directive
  • NR-12, UL
  • Legislative Decree 81/08, issues of health and safety at work including safety aspects of equipment, Legislative Decree 152/06, environmental issues, ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 / ISO 45001 management systems
  • LOTO
  • Transition / Industry 4.0 tax credit

The cost is valid for:

  • a single company headquarters, identified by the address entered in the application form (for machinery manufacturing companies, in which our interlocutors are the designers, with a maximum of 50 designers and a division, corresponding to a macrotype of machines).
  • for all Italian company offices (for companies using machinery, in which our interlocutors are the Health and Safety Officers )

For corporate locations with more than 50 designers, please contact us.

If you are a freelancer operating in the health and safety sector, or belong to a company operating in the field of technical consultancy, please contact us for a specific quotation.


Membership requires only the compilation of the form and then, simply by calling our switchboard number 0396060351 or by sending an email to, you will be directed to one of the 2 reference technicians in our organization.

In fact, the service provides that a Quadra reference technician is assigned for all the customer's problems, chosen on the basis of specific skills on the type of machines produced or used by the customer.

A second technical figure is in charge of the answers in case of absence of the first responsible.

We are sure to answer you promptly in 90% of cases, but obviously some answers may take longer.

The assistance does not include the design, verification of projects and machines, drafting and verification of documentation (such as technical files, reports and manuals, project parts, PL calculations, etc.), drafting of technical-legal opinions.


Adhering to this proposal will allow you to plan a year with the certainty of always having an expert available to clarify any doubts about the safety of your machines.

If, on the other hand, you want to have the answer to a single technical question, this is the possible service.

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